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Posted by Timwiles at Jun 10, 2009 8:52:26 AM
Re: A Very Puzzled Pirate
Re boxes and ?s. These are also browser dependent - I don't see any in the first post.


Re boxes and ?s. These are also browser dependent - I don't see any in the first post.

I see them.

I'm sorry if anyone can see them, I do not have them on my browser. Try switching to firefox (what I use) or pming me with a Corrected post so i can edit if it is really bothering you that much.

I would suggest the idea the submitting guides gives the event runners to spread them around in whole or in part, as long as credit is given. Your likely to get a lot of good information, with many points of overlap, but the best possible guide will only be created by merging multiple guides.

I'd love to get in on helping this event get off the ground, be it in form of judging, funding, or just entering a guide or three. Please let me know in PMs if there is anything I can do help out.

The main goal of this event is to distribute an easy to read and easy to follow guide of excellent battle navigation and pillaging tips to the global ypp community. Each pirate who contributed would get credit for there work on YPPedia. If i have time, i might also compile all of the information on an independent website to make it easier to view videos and scroll through guides. After some time and work, a generic guide might be compiled (as long as the pirates who submitted the entries agree of course), with the main points that most pirates make and a few of the finer tips included.

Thanks Nooblar, and I will be pming you.

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