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Posted by BlackBeth at Jun 9, 2009 6:09:03 PM
Re: A Very Puzzled Pirate
In light of the seemingly large gap between the so called ?elite? and ?greenie? pirates...

She means these boxes. The forums can't display the angled "smart-quotes" and a few other non-standard punctuation marks used commonly in MS Word and similar programs. To post clearly on the forums, its recommended you turn off that option, use a no-frills word program like Notepad, or edit your text after posting to remove them. It's a very common problem; you are far from the first to get caught in it. But removing the boxes makes your text a lot more readable.

(Note that the punctuation boxes don't show up on "Preview"; only when you actually post will you see them.)

Edit - they alternately show up as boxes or ?'s according to some pattern that I don't quite understand. My Preview showed boxes, my post shows ?'s (to me at least). So maybe that's why you aren't seeing "boxes".

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