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Posted by GreenTail at Jun 9, 2009 11:15:25 AM
Re: A Very Puzzled Pirate
Nice idea for an event! The three steps remind me of me own process for training officers, so I have a suggestion for the final phase. When it comes time for the mini-pillage, I take guns. That way I can see the moves me trainee is putting in. This allows me to occasionally make move suggestions, but also to identify places they need work (like they are ignoring board elements, confused about a whirlpool, etc.). If ye have the trainer lazing, they lose that ability and must just deduce what moves were placed. Watching the moves being placed can also show ye if the mate is indecisive, is having "move entry" troubles, or accidentally clicked twice to grapple. Perhaps allow the trainers to take the second bilge, or something, so they can mostly sort of laze but also see the moves?
Guppygurl, Cobalt Ocean.

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