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Posted by monkeyvine at Oct 1, 2004 12:16:05 PM
Re: The History of Midnight.
As I was strolling along the shores of the Isle of Oyster, I came upon this ghostly figure. At first I thought it was Shuranthae himself. Being the quizzical person I am, I approached this figure rather timidly. As I neared, I noticed his name was familiar, but wait there were some letters missing or I would have sworn that he was an old friendly hearty of mine. My hearty Hempline would not be seen about the isles wearing rags, or with such a down trodden demeanor. So I immediately knew this could not be me hearty. However, there was something very familiar about this mate. I inquired of the old mate asking why he was quivering so. He replied: "Me skin has turned white; white as Shuranthae himself!" I agreed with him. The longer we spoke the more transparent he was becoming. I questioned him as to his name and where he had been and our conversation carried on as follows: "Gone I've been fer quite a while, traversin' the ocean..." "O Horror!" "O, dark blasphemy that hung upon the tongues of our piratical ancestors!" He had a crazed look to his eye. At this point I knew I had to do something quickly. The only thing I could do was to slap him soundly a few times, thinking I could bring him back to his senses. He blinked and stood still, then he his head started to shake and slowly he responded, "thankees mate.? That seemed to calm him down a bit. His story continued, "Jes... the things I've seen, it be quite a bit." Tariff says, "aye, things change quickly around here"

The crazed old man ranted about misplacing his books, pictures, stories. He explained he was trying to re-trace his footsteps. He apologized for not being able to protect Chaparral. After that his speech began to slur and his ranting took an eerie turn. He spoke in bits, t?was hard to understand him. He rambled about having to ?save the ocean from the horrors of Uxmal.? He asked me to "Warn the populace that there be more!" A bit confused as to what this crazed man wanted of me, I questioned his rantings about Uxmal. He simply responded,? Simply warn them that Uxmal be not safe, not in the least.? I started to turn to walk away. Fear was building in me innards. He abruptly stopped me, I turned to glance at him again, he was fading quickly, he stated: There's more, I know there be... what be it...?! There be a tie to the destruction o' Ruby... I know it!... I have it in my notes... I must find them again!. He took a breath. I wanted to run, you could tell that his personality was digressing with each passing moment, there was something dark about this mate, it was very dark, hideous, and scary, it was as if there was a deep, dark gaping hole in him, you could feel the hollow breath of death?s wind issuing from him. He reminded me that I need to be brave and to share this message. As I turned again, he was able to muster the following final words before he disappeared: "Beware brave captain; do not sail your crew near that accursed isle." I questioned him again, simply stating, ?why is Uxmal so unsafe.? He replied, "Warn Ajani... the poor lost mate wishes to colonize the isle. This is all I remember at this point... even my memories, that steel trap I used to call my mind, is failing me! He was such a nice mate... had a place within me blessed flag for a while. Woe be unto him, if he takes that isle!"

As he turned to walk away, I quietly asked if he was a relation to Hempline, he said he was. He bid me farewell and a good night. He stated in a much quieter tone, "I, on the other hand, sleep with eyes open now." And he thanked me again concluding the conversation with, "A fine mate ye be, to hear the ramblins' of a half-mad explorer."

Now mates, I am unaware of the events that he speaks of. But being warned and asked to warn others of the dangers at Uxmal, I was obliged to pass this on. I am sure the ghost will reappear for he is searching for something dear.

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