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Posted by Kycha at May 22, 2009 3:27:55 PM
Furniture shop, Pottery Burn on Hephaestus Forge
We have just opened and looking for more employees.
Wages are set @ 25/30/35 and its a job with no puzzle so no renewing each week like most of the rest. We will use all your unused labor.

We are making pre-made furniture so if you cannot wait, have a look @ the list on the ground floor news and contact one of the managers. All this furniture has never been placed and is in the booty of the floor manager Premaidsal.
Monandoeg, on all oceans, primary is Midnight.

Owner of Mast Destruction @ the Emerald Isle of Gaea & Pottery Burn @ the Jet Isle of Hephaestus Forge

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