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Posted by triskaideka at Sep 8, 2003 5:01:06 AM
Re: Shortage of Jobbers? A theory...
Malistryx wrote: 
So I think the reduced pay for cabin people is actually a good idea, sort of a testing phase for 'em.

Aye, I've seen a handful of crews doing that, and I think it's fair -- it says "we don't expect you to stay at this low rank for long, but we do expect you to demonstrate some level of commitment to being a member of the crew". Of course, I guess you should check to see that most members aren't cabin people before signing on with such a crew.

Haans wrote: 
The reason I'm at a loss, though, is if I should put Jobber shares at three with cabin people and pirates, but I sort of have a requirement using some sort of unoriginal point system (booched 0, poor 2, fine 4, good 6, excellent 8, incredible 10, score ten over three league points, etc) to join the crew as a full member. Though, the problem is that this can be a bit unfair for those who have a crew that they don't wish to leave while they job for my crew. Help, advice, please?

I don't understand what the conflict is here. What's the relationship between your pay and the point system for accepting new members? Do you use the point system to adjust the pay as well? If there's no relationship, what's the obstacle to setting shares however you want?

Or do you think people will be less likely to join your crew if they realize they can get the same pay by jobbing? I wouldn't worry about that -- the real incentive to join a crew right now is being able to do the navigation and sea battle puzzles.

It's worth noting that a crew's shares may not be the only reason they have trouble finding jobbers right now. On a busy night you might see between 15 - 20 crews hiring in either archipelago. Sometimes there are just more jobs than jobbers. There are methods other than adjusting pay to lure jobbers to your crew. A coherent and level-headed public statement is a plus. So is a good reputation, which you can gain from a good battle record, word of mouth from satisfied previous jobbers, and high-quality forum posts. As I said in a previous post, I've more than once taken a job at a low rate of pay because I had other indications that the experience would still be lucrative for me.

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