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Posted by Hanns at Sep 8, 2003 4:29:58 AM
Re: Shortage of Jobbers? A theory...
I'm at a loss. I set the shares back, BUT I left crew cut at 10%. Jobbers at two shares, cabin people and pirates at three, and above at four, seeing as those are extra trusted positions. The reason I'm at a loss, though, is if I should put Jobber shares at three with cabin people and pirates, but I sort of have a requirement using some sort of unoriginal point system (booched 0, poor 2, fine 4, good 6, excellent 8, incredible 10, score ten over three league points, etc) to join the crew as a full member. Though, the problem is that this can be a bit unfair for those who have a crew that they don't wish to leave while they job for my crew. Help, advice, please?

On a happier note, a lot of me crew members are enthusiastic about the crew and wear the same colors I do since I mentioned them in the private statement, har, <semi-cynicism>though probably because I put it along as a requirement along with a good amount of trust for officer</semi-cynicism>.

EDIT: I hate this school keyboard.
-Spolto, some random guy of millions of people in the Midnight ocean.

-Ayrus, Senior Officer in the La Giustizia Implacabile.

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