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Posted by triskaideka at Sep 8, 2003 1:57:28 AM
Re: a few thoughts on the subject...
DeTheGreat wrote: 
Teamwork, aye -- and aren't your jobbers a part of your team too, even if only temporarily? ~triskaideka

NO. Jobbers are just that. Jobbers. They come as they please, assuming you'll hire them, and they leave as they please. And personally, I don't hold a thing against a jobber who leaves a trip early or comes on late. If any or all of my undersized crew is on though, I expect them to come ASAP.

I guess I have a different idea of the reasons for jobbing than some other folks posting in this thread.

Jobbers who work for me do the same puzzles as everyone else and get the same pay as everyone else. Or else they don't do the puzzles and then they don't get paid. Crew members take care of additional administrative tasks, sure, like finding targets and buying rum, but I don't really feel like I deserve higher pay for such simple work, and none of my crew have complained about their pay yet either. My crew is not currently pursuing shoppe or island ownership, so maybe I lack the perspective of a crew that is doing extra work or needs extra money for those goals (although I can't imagine I'd change our pay distribution even if we were trying to save up money).

A number of people who've posted here seem to assume that people take jobs because they're looking for a crew to join. Certainly that's a common and a good reason, but even when I didn't have a crew, it was never one of my reasons. I job, and hire jobbers, to make some money, get some experience, have some fun, meet new people, and so that I and others still have a game to play even when most of our crew members aren't around. If your shares don't take into account jobbers with my motivations -- that is, if they assume that all jobbers are willing to accept low pay because it's better than nothing -- then I think you're almost certain to miss out on some of the most experienced, most skilled, and most polite jobbers available.

That said, I've worked for a number of crews who had uneven pay distributions, but adjusted the booty division to pay everyone equally once we got into port. So I guess it's worth jobbing with anyone at least once, to find out what they're like.

If I weren't attached to my own crew, I'd probably try to join the Mad Mutineers. They pay everyone equally, most of their members are officers, and I've never failed to earn good money when I've jobbed for them. A crew that paid me less than my fellow members would not be sending me the message that it valued my contribution.

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