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Posted by Kenishot at May 14, 2009 9:27:51 PM
Re: What does a frigate spawn in Cursed Isles?
Well, someone directed me to this thread.

First off, it is my belief that the ship size does not affect the spawn rate or quantity of rafts. I believe that spawn rates are affected by the amount of player ships currently at an outpost/CI location rather than size of vessel.
-Another note: There are no super rafts or anything, just normal ones.

Edit*: Sinister spawns seems to be approximately the same as well.

The main problem with running these huge vessels in the CI environment would be the effect of the fog/rafts if they were to make contact with you.
-Each turn in the fog generally creates about 10-20% damage and bilge which is ridiculously high imho, but whatever.
-Each raft also creates boarders based on the number you have on board. Possibly a percentage of 10%-20% based on estimations.

I am not 100% sure of everything, but I can do a few for you sometime if you need or want for general information.

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