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Posted by basso at May 14, 2009 4:31:50 PM
Re: Monthly Familiar Puzzle Competitions

The competition 'Familiar Distilling' has ended.
Tiner won the 1st category in Distilling!
Firsel won the 2nd category in Distilling!
Pandaeater won the 3rd category in Distilling!
Vnork won the 4th category in Distilling!

I'd like to point out that the winner is a first time familiar winner. So we can drop all those comments about the "same old" people winning everything. Congrats Tiner :)

Edit: Congrats to Stevensam too! Seriously mate, I don't begrudge multiple winners at all (or I'd have to begrudge myself). I just especially wanted to point out that a really terrific puzzler won her first today on Sage.
Montage of Sage
Mads wrote: 
OK, now I'm convinced. The problem here is that you cannot understand plain English.

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