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Posted by squig at Sep 8, 2003 12:40:30 AM
Re: a few thoughts on the subject...
DeTheGreat wrote: 
After having read this thread I'm sure I'll change my numbers a LITTLE bit, but here's mine, and I tend to have problems finding jobbers.

Jobber - 2 shares
Cabin Person - 2 shares
Pirate - 3 shares
Officer - 4 shares
Captain - 5 shares
Crew cut 30%

I did this for several reasons, not the least of which is that I"m saving up for a new boat. But also that promotion is based on two things, ability and length of service. Anyone who has sailed with me a while and has the requirements (posted in private on the crew page) will be promoted to pirate, or if there are positions open, officer immediately. So the pay scale gives motivation to do well (IMO.)

Personally I think the idea of motivating your crew to become officers with higher pay is a bad idea. Anyone who chooses to be an officer should do it because they truly want to see what it's like running a ship, not because they get a bigger cut of the loot. Plus, when you consider everything, an officer has more earning potential because they can always go out to sea, in part because they can just hire swabbies for a trade or pillage run. In that case suddenly their cut, whether it's 0.5 or TWENTY!, is 100% of profits, something no pirate, cabin person, or jobber can pull off.

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