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Posted by Prometheus at May 13, 2009 4:23:46 PM
Re: Monthly Familiar Puzzle Competitions
In the interest of consistency, how long will each competition be set to last?

Duration will be obviously differ between the puzzles but will also differ between competitions. One month you may get a 15 minute Distilling competition whilst the next it may be 30. I don't anticipate many, if any at all, hours long competitions (with the exception of any possible multi-puzzle competitions) so you should plan to be online when the competition starts.

Is the word "fine" meant to relate to the uproar on this thread? I see you did say grand prize, but I guess that the top incred might not necessarily the case...?

Don't read too much into it, I was just being topical :)

As long as I'm posting the competitions familiars will only be awarded to first place. I'm sure that will go for future OMs as well.

Oh hell thank you so freaking much you wouldn't even believe how happy I am to hear this!

That's not a question!

So in future months after May, June for example will there be the same thing but with other puzzles such as bilge, sailing etc. ?


Will there be any gunning familiar competitions in the near future then?

You'll have to wait until June to see the next schedule. As these competitions will be ongoing we will get to all the puzzles in the near future.

Anyway there could be a fix to the Shipwright exploit before the competition? And if not any possibility to push the SW competition back until the fix is made?

Ah, good catch! Yeah, the developers are aware of the issue and are looking into it. I'll check in early next week to see if a fix will be ready for before the competition. If not, the competition will go ahead at the same date and time but with a replacement puzzle.

This`ll cut into the time i have to learn for my final exams. Oh well. I`d like to thank you for spreading the competitions out nicely over the time zones (especially rigging). Looking forward to this.

You're quite welcome! I'm hopefully going to make a habit of it :)


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