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Posted by Lizzie at Sep 7, 2003 6:49:10 PM
Re: Shortage of Jobbers? A theory...
Morrigan wrote: 
I think that "I'm saving for a new boat" is a terrible reason to short everyone else. As an officer of a small crew I've made enough to buy myself 2 boats this week off my cut alone. I see no reason for the captain to get a higher cut.
I also can't imagine how you need 30% for crew cut. I've always had plenty from a 10% crew cut for rum and cannon balls, with plenty left over.
Is that extra percentage just going into your pocket for the new boat?

Totally agree. I've made craploads as an officer. I could buy a war brig right now if I'd like. 15% crew cut is what we have, and its plenty, I regularly take quite a bit for myself outta the coffers. I wish I could make the crew cut less sometimes.

Incidentally, I wouldn't job for people giving me such a crap share as that guy. Quite frankly I doubt I'm worth as little 2/5ths of the captains effort. I know some jobbers are new, but not all are for sure.
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