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Posted by wrs1864b at May 11, 2009 4:56:25 PM
Re: Conference of the Monarch (Thoughts)
Now, the data I collected shows that the average pirate on a ship has a low-Distiguished/high-Able standing in the primary ship-board puzzles (bilge, carp, and sails).

If you collected data where the average pirate was Able, you didn't post it here. Just based on the numbers you posted earlier, the median pirate would be low-to-mid distinguished.

IIRC, one stat (sailing?) on onyx yesterday that had like 55% able and another had like 50%, but it was a very small sample size so I probably shouldn't have mentioned it.

I did another survey today, all ships on all archs of viridian. Not much different. The average pirate on the ships was in the low distinguished range.away the

Garnet had two SMHs going on, with not much else, that pushed the average up to high-distinguished. Onyx had even few pirates out on the ocean, only 12, and only one able sailor.

I'm fully prepared to hear people claim that well, Saturday's survey didn't count, and Sunday's didn't count, and today didn't count, and how master *is* an average stat. When this thread started, I thought that monarchs and forum posters weren't that out of touch, but all these posts defending the idea that master is an average stat has changed my mind. I don't think OOO should hold another conference of monarchs. Too many of the people that OOO needs to hear from probably aren't even in a flag, or at least not one anyone in the top 10 flags has heard of.
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