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Posted by DeTheGreat at Sep 7, 2003 5:57:29 PM
a few thoughts on the subject...
After having read this thread I'm sure I'll change my numbers a LITTLE bit, but here's mine, and I tend to have problems finding jobbers.

Jobber - 2 shares
Cabin Person - 2 shares
Pirate - 3 shares
Officer - 4 shares
Captain - 5 shares
Crew cut 30%

I did this for several reasons, not the least of which is that I"m saving up for a new boat. But also that promotion is based on two things, ability and length of service. Anyone who has sailed with me a while and has the requirements (posted in private on the crew page) will be promoted to pirate, or if there are positions open, officer immediately. So the pay scale gives motivation to do well (IMO.) I originally had jobber pay set at 1 share, but after thinking about it briefly decided that no one was worth that little, and if they were they should probably be planked anyways.

As far as foraging or trade routes go, profits are not put into the booty, but on trade runs everyone is told ahead of time that it's a trade run and I pay everyone a flat fee at the end of the trip. (varies from 15-40 poe per person depending on profits and distance.)

Teamwork, aye -- and aren't your jobbers a part of your team too, even if only temporarily? ~triskaideka

NO. Jobbers are just that. Jobbers. They come as they please, assuming you'll hire them, and they leave as they please. And personally, I don't hold a thing against a jobber who leaves a trip early or comes on late. If any or all of my undersized crew is on though, I expect them to come ASAP.

Also, now that I'm thinking about it. I just put orders in on the new boat, so I'll probably cut my shares down to 4 as well. Oh, I'm hiring! Just throw me a tell and I'll take a look. I'm a little picky though, and won't simply hire anyone wanting to join a crew, as I've gone down that road already and people simply join for a bit and then leave when I refuse to promote them because they don't have the requirements.

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