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Posted by Gillie017 at May 10, 2009 7:52:32 PM
Re: Conference of the Monarch (Thoughts)
Remember that the "50% ables" is based on OOO data from people who have puzzled in the past 10 days - an arbitrary time frame that gives equal weighting for everyone from people who log on once and never return through to full-time players. Taking cross-sectional data removes this problem and will reflect the standings of people online at any given time.

Scores for any given puzzle are not normally distributed and Marundel has remembered statistics classes well. The only data we have access to is a categorical representation of a numeric score. OOO could answer the question of the "average" pirate easily using real data.

I still object to using only jobbers on ships to determine the "average" pirate. Pirates who never get on ships are still part of the pirate population and therefore must be included in sampling to be able to claim information about the "average" pirate rather than the "average" jobber.
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