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Posted by wrs1864b at May 10, 2009 3:10:12 PM
Re: Conference of the Monarch (Thoughts)
OK, remember folks, the whole point of this "average pirate" and "Master" thing was the assertion that monarchs and forum posters have a very skewed perception of what an "average pirate" is. That they "think master is an average stat." This proposition wasn't well specified, trying to dig too deeply into proving/disproving it via technicalities misses the point.

The point is, there are lots of players that find YPP, puzzle a bit, maybe even start their own crew and never make it much past solid and often not past solid/respected. They then leave the game before they are much noticed by anyone. These are people OOO needs to care about and cater too also, in particular, how can we keep them from leaving the game? And, there are a lot more of these people than I think most old-timers imagine. Talking about how "if you puzzle enough, you will get up to master" is missing the point too, OOO needs to think about all those people who won't puzzle enough because they don't find YYP interesting enough.

duckling wrote: 
The average jobber is not the same as the average pirate. I don't understand why you insist on only sampling pirates on ships. they aren't representative of the population of pirates.

I'm quite certain that if I had listed all pirates on the ocean, people would tart about how shopkeepers/parlor tarts are irrelevant to the bilging standing. The subject also involved duty reports, after all.

If there was an easy way of limiting the bilging (or sails or carp) stats to only those that were actually doing that puzzle on a ship, that would be even better, but I can't think of a way to do that. However, looking that the sails/bilge/carp stats for jobbers on a ship seems fairly reasonable to me.

Another useful stat would be what the typical pirate who applies for a pillaging job looks like. I can't get that information either, but these stats are what people apparently accept for jobbers. If some pirates can't get on ships because of their stats, well, that probably means that the average jobber is even worse.

If you want to see different stats, well, go collect them.

Rather than spare us the detail, some more information would be useful. For example: What size ships were included in those you counted? What type of voyages were out? etc.

I don't know of a way to tell the size of a ship from stuff like /vwho. Stuff on notice board pops on and off far too quickly for me to be able to gather that kind of data. There was at least one WF, and several other "larger" ships though.

Vnork wrote: 
That's much better data, but I have another concern: are you counting Novice/able stats?

Yes, I'm including novice/able mostly because it is easier, plus I'm not sure what else to exclude too. Is neophyte that much better? throw out everything below broad? Mind you, OOO thought getting to broad was such an achievement that they give out a trophy for it. All those players that pass through YPP without disturbing the elite realms often don't make it to broad.

I posted the script I used, I can PM the list of pirates I ended up checking, you can reproduce the data I have and play with it any way you want.

tanonev wrote: 
Just checking to make sure you're throttling your pirate stat lookups. I forget how long we're supposed to wait between searches...
Also, out of curiosity, how are you grabbing the pirate names from /w and /vw? Are you just writing them down by hand, or do you have a way of dumping them from the client into a file?

I've been typing the /vw <shipname> by hand, and then typing the names of the pirates on the ship by hand into my script (actually a wrapper script around the perl script.) As such, I'm not worried about putting too much load on OOO's servers.
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