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Posted by tanonev at May 10, 2009 1:21:48 PM
Re: Conference of the Monarch (Thoughts)
The average jobber is not the same as the average pirate. I don't understand why you insist on only sampling pirates on ships. they aren't representative of the population of pirates.

I'm very confused by this statement.

wrs1864b's claim: At least 50% of (visible) jobbers are Able or Distinguished in bilge. One data point backing this up.
your claim: The claim is false for (visible) pirates.
a couple of steps of logic on your claim: Less than 50% of (visible) pirates are Able or Distinguished in bilge.
Pirates not on ships must be better on average at bilge than pirates on ships.

Can you explain to me why you believe the last statement is true? All three of those statements are equivalent statements of your objection, and that last version seems very odd. Not impossible, of course, but a very counterintuitive claim.

Yes, jobbers aren't representative of the population of pirates. However, wrs1864b's claim is about a mathematical inequality, and I suspect your objection is actually in the direction that helps that inequality.

@wrs1864b: Just checking to make sure you're throttling your pirate stat lookups. I forget how long we're supposed to wait between searches...
Also, out of curiosity, how are you grabbing the pirate names from /w and /vw? Are you just writing them down by hand, or do you have a way of dumping them from the client into a file?
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