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Posted by wrs1864b at May 10, 2009 12:00:27 PM
Re: Conference of the Monarch (Thoughts)
If viridian is anything like Cobalt, their arches are NOT uniform (Garnet is much smaller than Onyx, which is smaller yet than Jade).

The size of the population isn't important, it is the ratios of Ables to Ultimates. When an arch first opens, there is usually a rush by elites of the colonizing flags to set up shop there, thus shifting the curves. Where the arch goes from there depends on the difficulty of the routes, commodities, location in the ocean, etc. I'm claiming that, due to the three archs of Cobalt/Viridian being so similiar in structure and not being recently colonized, that their ratios are very similar.

OK, I did another survey, this time all three archs of Viridian and all ships in all archs (about 400 pirates). I'll spare you the details, but the results are pretty much the same as the first set I reported. Ables account for around 40-45%, distinguished another 15-25%. So, ok, the average jobber is not Able, they are closer to being a low Distinguished. They certainly are not Master, or even close to it.

I may well do another survey or two, but I probably won't post the results unless they are significantly different than the first two surveys.

In case anyone is interested, the perl script that snarfs the stats can be found here. You also need to have wget installed, or some other way of grabbing the raw HTML.
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