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Posted by Mobettagc at May 10, 2009 9:39:54 AM
Re: Trinket suggestions thread
I think there should be different coloured Sand Dollars, the main graphic is there already, having diffierent coloured ones should not be very difficult to implement.

I'd like to 2nd this suggestion. Thanks to Atlantis and CI, there are an amazing number of sand dollars in existence and no one really wants them since there's no "collecting" to be had. Get one and you are done; the rest are just pointless duplicates to most people.

But a lot of people like collecting sets of all the colors of a trinket. Sand dollars could actually be in demand, instead of a joke. (When I win one now, that's what it is; I laugh and think, "Oh, look, another sand dollar.")

Extremly Endorsed. /e glares at the dozens of Sand Dollars in his pockets.

Colored Sand dollars would be amazing. And would be way better then starfish or any other trinket!!

I support this :)
Mobettagc of Sage Emerald

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