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Posted by Gothmog1065 at May 10, 2009 8:01:06 AM
Re: Conference of the Monarch (Thoughts)
If viridian is anything like Cobalt, their arches are NOT uniform (Garnet is much smaller than Onyx, which is smaller yet than Jade).

If you are gathering data for statistics, then you cannot use one sample set and call it the end. Hell, data 15 minutes from when you took that sample would be different.

Also, something your data will never show (Because you don't have access to their creation date), is that two trends will occur:

As the pirate age increases,
- The Population will decrease
- Average stats will rise

How do you know that out of 100 of those pirates, 20 of them aren't pure green, was made just before you took your sample?

We can argue statistics all day long, but until someone actually runs multiple samples from multiple days from multiple areas, then your statics will always be lacking in information.

Also Liz's numbers are hard fact. But those numbers again don't include those who do the puzzle and leave, and other facts.
Nemesis wrote: 
You ruined my joke, Goth.
Arakael wrote: 
Goth is right, as usual.
Blobbles wrote: 
Goth is right. *shudders*

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