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Posted by marundel at May 6, 2009 4:22:18 AM
Re: Conference of the Monarch (Thoughts)
I was relatively new to the game when Cobalt had their last one. Our monarch, Jakaubrey, attended. He came up in our flag forum and in game urging people to provide him with subject matter to take to the conference with him. Many of us did. Aside from the problem of the conference taking place simultaneously in voice chat and in-game, I heard no negatives. I thought it was a great opportunity for players to provide feedback in a forum where the discussion was happening over a matter of minutes rather than days, and a chance to reinforce some of the more immediate concerns. Now that I am a monarch, I am looking forward to the the next one.

As for this being a pretend environment with pretend monarchs, yes - you're right. However, within the confines of the game, the players have given the captains, royalty, and monarchs implied authority to speak on their behalf in any number of game situations. Even if you did not "elect" your in-game leadership, by your continued membership in the crew/flag, you accept the "play time" authority that the in-game position represents. Disagree? Start your own flag.
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