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Posted by dan1701 at May 6, 2009 1:20:23 AM
Re: Conference of the Monarch (Thoughts)
Gotta disagree there, Polly, as one of the people who was left out, I sure hope they do have another one.

I think its totally dependant on who they invite. There are many talented players out there playing the game, who have little or no interest in game design, there a many less talented at puzzling etc, but a very good thinkers, and are very interested in game design. There are a few who are good/interested in both. There are people that would be very useful in such conferences but becuase they don't play enough don't get a look in.

*People that were "left out" were whiney, even though they had opportunity to tell the representatives thoughts beforehand, and view what was discussed after.

But as a discussion/debate its imperative to attend, you can't do it by proxy, as you can't think like everyone else. Giving thoughs to a representative beforehand isn't totally wasted but it is 99% wasteful.

Selecting people who are active in GD, and active in game, might be a worthwhilw avenue to explore.
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