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Posted by tarajayne at May 5, 2009 8:18:03 PM
Re: Conference of the Monarch (Thoughts)
I was at the first midnight one and there were some pros and cons.

*We could feel like our voice was actually being heard, and actually got some OOO feedback. I mean, any one person can have thousands of posts in game design and still feel like they are not being heard by the powers that be.
*It brought a group of people together that normally just tart at each other on the forums. This time it felt like an ocean working together.
*It actually felt like we were discussing useful things unlike my work conference calls which put me to sleep.

*Not much that was discussed had any impact on game design at least that I could see.
*People that were "left out" were whiney, even though they had opportunity to tell the representatives thoughts beforehand, and view what was discussed after.

It seems like when I hit the reply button I thought of something useful to say that hasn't already been said... but then I got tired so I think I failed at that :P

Edit: reading back on the notes from the meeting I was at... it looks like more issues have been addressed then I remembered. I do make the conclusion that someone is listening <3.

I get around.

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