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Posted by Antique at May 5, 2009 11:36:25 AM
Re: Conference of the Monarch (Thoughts)
I'm with Polly on this one. The other problem I always had with the concept of Monarch conferences is that they confuse the imiginary with reality. Pretending to be a king/queen in a pretend environment does not mean that these players hold any actual standing in the real world to speak for or represent all of the other players of the game. These people are not actually monarchs, any more than the rest of us are actually pirates.

Further, if the monarchs involved are actually well selected (real, skilled, active, quality flags rather than credit card dockpressing greenie farms, etc) it is in fact one very narrow subset of players - the hardest of the hardcore players of the "social puzzle" - who are being heard from. If they want to have these kind of discussions they'd do better to mix up the subsets. Have a conference of the casual. Have a conference of the shopkeeps. Pull together Silveransom, Boothook, et. al. and have a "conference of the players who have serious knowledge of programming and game design." Etc.

By I'd still agree that Game Design - where all these disparate voices at least have the potential to be heard - it superior. If they want more targeted feedback than that, there's always more surveys.
Antique of Cerulean!

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