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Posted by basso at May 3, 2009 7:36:22 PM
Re: Riddle me this.
This whole thread makes me sad. The OMs don't do things like this to be meanie heads. They do it because they like to be spontaneous and fun. Just because you can't face sucking at a puzzle - even for a familiar - is just tough. Blind luck is involved in numerous familiar tourneys - I don't see people tarting about that. The fact it was the first familiar tourney for rigging - is completely irrelevant.

Please show me where anyone called an OM a meanie head. Do you understand the principle that I am arguing about?

People don't like spontaneity - especially when familiars are involved - because the most elite players can't ensure they'll be all warmed up ready to pwn n00bs, in preparation for another flawless victory.

Really? Do you really think ults need to warm up to "pwn n00bs"? It is beside the point, as I am not an elite rigger, and would have had no chance at winning. Once again, do you understand the principle involved? Stop taking it so personally, and look at it from a wider perspective.

I formally request more familiar tournaments and competitions with no warning and settings which aggravate those who don't understand the concept of defeat.

Sometimes, people deserve a slap in the face.

Actually, I wouldn't mind someone slapping you in the face for completely missing the point and misrepresenting what we are saying. I have lost soooo many times in competitions that I can barely count them all. Recently, I got 2nd in a multi-puzzle competition, for a colored octopus. The winner was a person that I had personally taught how to play alchemy. We kept passing each other back and forth in the final minutes, as I climbed the d-nav list, and he climbed the carp one. He won, I sent him a tell immediately congratulating him. I don't for one second regret teaching him to play alchemy better (yes it was one of the puzzles in the comp). If I am to win something, I want to be the best of the best. If I am not that day or ever again, I will congratulate those who are. Believe me, I am very comfortable with defeat. I could list several more examples from my own life (full of defeats that it is) but I think I have typed enough here.

For the love of cleaver, can people understand it is not about winning and losing. It is about the principle involved. It is about trying your best, and being happy for someone else who performed better. It is about gold medals going to those who win. It is about races being won by those who cross the finish line first. If you really want to read all this and decide that I am some how upset about losing, please enjoy being ignorant. Some of us are capable of caring about concepts that do not directly involve ourselves.
Montage of Sage
Mads wrote: 
OK, now I'm convinced. The problem here is that you cannot understand plain English.

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