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Posted by Kotetsu534 at May 3, 2009 1:28:05 PM
Re: Riddle me this.
This is a little tangential; forgive me. I've noticed people using the phrase, or the equivalent of "hard working" to describe the pirates who were hurt by yesterday's familiar raffle competition. It raises a question in my mind: is simply being hard working enough to be 'deserving' of a familiar? Does it even have anything to do with it?

I think of the people grinding away their levels in certain other MMORPGs that shall remain nameless when I think of 'hard working', and I also think of the immediate distinction between YPP and them (the one that I defend myself with whenever someone says "You play an MMO? I thought you hated grinding..."). Yet, clearly, the amount of practice it takes to score highest in a (old-style) bakeoff, or win a carousing tournament against top players can be reasonably defined as 'hard work'. But then, the amount of this 'work' that someone has to do to reach the level capable of winning a familiar is different... I've read that Silverdawg won a coloured familiar in Swordfighting less than two months after joining the game, and I know it took me at least four times that in daily rumble practice to win my lesser tan, and I know many people who have practiced ('worked', if you like) their puzzles longer than that without having the pixels on their shoulder. Where, then, does the distinction between work and skill lie? Is it more blurred than it is sometimes assumed?

I'm merely noticing a conflation of different ideas and musing about it.
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