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Posted by Jolyma at May 3, 2009 12:53:13 PM
Re: Riddle me this.
And yet people haven't heard about the UK's Grand National race - which has been running since 1839...ish.

I know what it is! National Velvet FTW!! People who don't know much about horses or fox hunting or steeplechases probably never heard of it though.

The Kentucky Derby does hold some prominence in horse racing all over the world. If you know what a Thoroughbred is, and know that it's a race horse, chances are, you've heard of the Triple Crown. The sheik who owns the Godolphin Stables in Saudi Arabia has tried for quite a few years now to prove he can buy a 2 year old US Thoroughbred, winter it in the desert and race it there, then win the Derby. He has gorgeous race horses, but so far he's never gotten closer to the Roses than 6th.

Total derail, sorry, I'm into horses.

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