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Posted by Dewei at May 3, 2009 12:40:13 PM
Re: Conference of the Monarch (Thoughts)
Well the purpose of the meeting was solely to bring up ideas that were important to people at the moment. Fame, and such were important at the time, so therefore it was brought up. Just as blockade maneuvers and drinking was. Just remember, it was brought up by the players so that the company could get an idea of what players wanted. That doesn't mean it will be implemented into the game.

I'm sorry many of you didn't find it helpful, like I said I was never at one, but I read the threads on the forums at the time, and they did seem to help a bit.

To answer some the questions about GD and other issues, for starters, I personally feel that this way of doing things is better than having to ask them on the forums. This is because, as we said, GD is constantly being flooded with new ideas by the hour, most of the ideas seem like they have potential, others don't. Some ideas are silly, others are serious. How can sort out what is what? How can you figure what is important to the players at the current moment in time.

Another thing to take into consideration. Important issues should NOT be brought up on the forums for the said reason above. Let's say for example, you got a bill, and there's an error on it, you don't send an e-mail to the company, you don't call the company's automated answer machine. You want an ACTUAL person there, someone who can give you answers right now and then. This is because you feel more assured that your problem is being dealt with.

Just like here, I find that if big wigs of the game talk to an OM at a more "exclusive" conference maybe some problems can be discussed and even answered. If we talk to an OM about... drinking, and how the puzzle isn't that much fun anymore, then we can get into a more serious discussion and see what could be done. We feel more assure after we talk to said OM rather than posting it on the forum. If we post it the problem on the forum we are unlikely to get an official response from an OM, on top of that we'd have so and so amount of people who will complain that the idea is flawed. We also risk that the thread will just get sunk after a few hours and left behind. We have to remember there are as many OMs on forum duty as there are in the game. We also need to keep in mind there are ALWAYS threads being made and OMs do not have the time to reply to every single needs that are being addressed on the forums and in GD.

But like I said, I was looking for opinions, and I'm sorry I didn't search hard enough and look into all the threads that came up into the search, had I done so I would of realized what Hypno's office hours meant. However, I still would prefer the conference, because it's good to have other player's perspectives and have issues addressed by the player base as a group of well known pirates than to have it come from one person's view.
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