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Posted by Parrrdner at May 3, 2009 10:40:51 AM
Re: Conference of the Monarch (Thoughts)

Sweetie, I couldn't find anything in this entire list that has been addressed. Except maybe this?
It was noted that it has become impossible to casually pillage and make any poe. The game was supposed to be a casual game, but favours taking a long pillage.

From the logs, it looks like the conferences were a flood of ideas, with no clear purpose. For example, here are three things listed under the "Maneuvers in Blockades" category.
  • Request for an option to turn off blockade maneuvers
  • Request for navs to be able to turn off the blockade maneuvers on their ships
  • Request for blockade maneuvers to appear all the time

Hell, look at the list under "Blockades, island transfers and event blockades." Not a single one of those things was implemented and very few of them should have been. Then there is a huge pile of whining about fame. Then the standard whining about how Midnight is dead or dying or whatever. Then the drinking puzzle, of all things. It just goes on.

If you want to spend more OOO time on the conferences, y'all should stop telling everyone how useful they were, and instead show everyone how useful they were. Providing a link to a long list of things that were not implemented and should not be implemented is not sufficient.
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