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Posted by basso at May 3, 2009 10:37:27 AM
Re: Riddle me this.

The stinginess of OOO to the core puzzlers of the game just astonishes me. Instead of sharing out the ones the 'rich kids' are winning, they've gone into the inner city ghetto and taken the one free ball they're giving out to give to some kid who's never even bothered trying out for soccer, instead of to one of the 30 kids who've been playing every day with homemade balls made out of duct tape.

QFT, and furthermore, can we stop the myth that "the same people win them all the time"? Several hearties of mine won their first and only familiar in either the summer games or the January competitions. Not everyone is mega rich or sells their new toy. My top hearty has the ult of ults trophy, but has never gotten near winning even a tan familiar. The fact of the matter is that there are plenty of great puzzlers who can get incredibles, but not quite the highest incredible on that given day. I would much prefer a straight raffle of the tan parrot, as opposed to a competition that actively encourages people to do as bad as they possibly can. The principle is that encouraging people to strive for something better is a good thing. Rewarding mediocrity under the guise of a "competition" leads to growing feelings of entitlement. I don't want to win the parrot, I want the highest incred to win the parrot. I want to see hard work and excellence rewarded. I want people to try their best, and best satisfied with their own effort if they don't win.

Finally, I'd love to see people step outside their own immediate self-interest, and actually think about the principles behind the action. Of course one tan parrot is not a big deal. The big deal is the idea of what a familiar used to be awarded for and represent. The big deal is that this game used to be about "puzzling skill". The big deal is that every hard working yet not quite super hax puzzler just got slapped in the face last night.
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Mads wrote: 
OK, now I'm convinced. The problem here is that you cannot understand plain English.

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