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Posted by Dewei at May 2, 2009 10:50:41 AM
Conference of the Monarch (Thoughts)
So for those of you whom have been around a lot longer then 2007, you most likely remember that Hypnos used to hold Ocean wide conferences for the Top 10 Monarchs. I did some searching, and it seems the last one that was held was a little more then 2 years ago.

So being a bit curious if there was another one, I petitioned the OM on duty, and she said that she could not find anything, BUT, if Hypnos has plans he (she) will most likely inform us is anything comes up...

Anyways to get to the point of the thread... I was curious about what players thought about the idea, and whether not Hypnos (Or another OM) should hold one of these conferences. In my opinion I think it'd be great, I have never been to one, but it's my understanding, this really gave OOO an in dept view of Ocean economics and politics, and ways to improve on that and the game.

Your thoughts on the issue?
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