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Posted by Syzerian at Sep 6, 2003 5:43:58 PM
Re: [Suggestion] A Test of Skills
wow thats an interesting idea would be really great... i can see it now competitive bilging... :) both would start out with half full bilge and try to drown out the opponent.
and maybe in sailing there would be some sort of fan between 2 sails and u have to move it across to make sure u get the best wind
hmmmm dont know how carpentry would work tho... maybe hmmm nope that wouldnt make sense.... well maybe navigating ur both fighting for control of the wheel
but group sword fighting without teh skellies or in a ship would be very good for compititions but would leave to arguements on the team up being unfare unless the damage u did was spred between all of the opponants
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