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Posted by Nevertakw at Apr 7, 2009 10:45:49 AM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
this have probaly been suggested already but...

Why do bilgers get all the fun? They have the most trophies in a duty puzzle. They have thier diamond crabs and boots of bilge. Why not let the other duty puzzles have a chance at getting some trophies besides ultimate.

Maybe like in carpentry you get hammers for getting masterpieces. Say 100 masterpieces for a silver hammer, ect.

In sailing maybe for getting triples? like silver (tackle)? for getting 100 triples.

For d-nav idk...

Also maybe having boots for everything else too? why just bilging...

Bilgers get boots cause your standing in bilge water when you bilge look at the background. if you've got you leg in a cannon or in the rigging you'd probably Booch

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