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Posted by burrito at Sep 5, 2003 10:41:16 PM
Re: [Suggestion] A Test of Skills
homullus wrote: 
. . . about a structure with multiples of the duty puzzles for contests sounds like A BOAT. Which are already in-game. There aren't multiple navigation stations, but it's close. Having some sort of mechanism for running contests from anywhere there are puzzles makes more sense than some building in the middle of an island, with bilge pumps all around.

Yeah, just seems like an unrealistic idea to have bilge pumps sitting around your inn.

And about the rowboats--do you guys realize how many inexperienced crews there are out there right now on the high seas? Do you know how much sea traffic those rowboats will cause? Suddenly, everyone will have a rowboat and there will be 50000 boats at sea.
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