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Posted by muffy at Mar 19, 2003 3:59:31 AM
skelly fights and sports announcers
A slight digression, but all this betting would be much more exciting if we could see the fight (I realize this has already been nixed in another thread). During a skelly fight the other night, there were too many of us, so we were taking turns sitting out, but we were frustrated at not being able to see the progress of the fight. I got knocked out in the middle of one, so I took it on to announce the fight, something on the order of:

Skelly Gwench is on the ropes.
Johnnysalt is in trouble.
Johnnysalt has cleared half his screen.
Skelly Pierre is more than half full.


This is something that might go "on the list" - while it may be hard to display the entire fight to everyone watching, it might not be so bad to allow people to "tune in" to a text description of the status of the fighters?
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