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Posted by burrito at Sep 4, 2003 1:00:32 PM
Re: PvP, camping, and trading
I had proposed before that all the necessities (wood, iron, stone, hemp, and sugarcane) could be farmed/mined on the islands by players (i didn't propose farming, i just proposed that the essential 5 be farmed). I like your idea as well, except for one thing:

the whole marketplace having a regulated buy price.

That's really going to add too much regulation to the economy and I'm totally not for it. It should be up to the players (for the most part) to fix the economic problems that are currently taking place.

I also think that the extreme increase in PvP attacks at sea would make it increasingly hard for newcomers. I wouldn't want a newcomer on my ship if I knew that we'd get constantly jumped at sea.

It does sound like a good idea, though, just needs to be fine tuned in my opinion.
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