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Posted by muffy at Sep 4, 2003 8:48:45 AM
Re: First thoughts
Squidbeard wrote: 
On the economic side, you're just adding a step to the front end of the supply chain: goods are spawned near an island, instead of on an island. Thus, campers are split between those who pillage the goods and duck into the Market to unload them, and those who sit in port waiting for the pillagers to come in and sell.

The variation here which changes it from camping as it is now is that the goods don't show up every 5 minutes, they show up upon sale, which happens at completely random times. I don't know about astonishingly dedicated campers, but I'm pretty sure the more casual campers (such as myself) would not want to sit transfixed by the trade interface every second waiting for that small sale to the market (which might not come for hours or days, if there is enough demand at the local shoppes!) Still, if that's what someone enjoys, they can do it. Meanwhile, all the rest of us are out battlin' for our spawns, and we'll probably get more (unless we're lousy fighters) than the campers.

And, as someone else points out, most likely what will be shipped is the finished goods rather than the raw materials (except in the case of basic resources).
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