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Posted by Sparkk at Mar 16, 2003 12:29:38 PM
Gambling Pool
I am Going to start up a gambling pool, Im planning it for every Sunday around noon pst (seems like many can make it at that time)

The point is we will hold 3 fights

We will take entrants for fights atleast 3 days in advance
YOu must include your rating in sword fighting so we can match up similar skills, we will also ask around to find a good match for yer

Each fight will have different contenders
1st fight will be a low stakes 100 poe entry
2nd fight is Mid Stakes 200 poe entry
3rd is high stakes 500poe entry

Yer will bet either Lubber A or Swabby B

All who bet on yer winning pirate will have the "pool" divided among them!

So say 10 of yer lubber give up 500 poe for the high stakes

8 of yer go for A, 2 fer B
-B wins those two each get 2500
-A wins those eight each get 625

Yar a bit might be shaved of the top fer... *cough* operational purposes
Yar anybody interested in helping this get going yar can talk to me (Tyar) in game! yar leave me a message

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