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Posted by muffy at Sep 4, 2003 6:19:30 AM
Re: First thoughts
Squidbeard wrote: 
Of course, one still has the problem of crews taking commodities back to their shoppes at a loss or at cost, regardless of what a neutral Market may be offering.

Aye, sure, but since the commodities would be spread out among many crews by crew action (battle) rather than market camping, this would not have the "hoarding" effect that's bothering people right now. Sure, I could choose to sell all the elderberries I win near Oyster to Apparel Barrel, to support me crew, but meanwhile fifty other crews are out there PvPing and they are sellin' the elderberries they win to the ironmonger, the apothecary, the weaver, etc.

In addition, it means that "camping" involves lots of action rather than lots of inaction. To camp anything, ye have to get out and battle, battle, battle, not sit in the docks with yer finger poised on the mouse as the seconds tick by to spawn time.

My best time in the game so far was the defense of Cleaver's treasure ship. As we won 14 PvP battles over the five hours or so of the trip, if the "spawns" of resources were of reasonable size (indeed, perhaps the size of these spawns should be related to the sizes of crews battling, as brigand payouts are), he could have paid us quite a bit just out of the sale of these winnings, without dippin' into his gold.
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