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Posted by muffy at Sep 4, 2003 6:13:41 AM
Re: PvP, camping, and trading
homullus wrote: 
I love the idea, and puts lots of emphasis on PvP.

My big worry is trading crews become ones who simply attack each other over and over for resources . . . camping themselves, in essence. That's almost funny enough by itself to do it . . .

Aye, this makes it really really funny, which I like. And honestly, it would be a LOT of fun. I can totally see two ships of ARR constantly attackin' each other - it'd be better than skelly fights! Yer crew's problem with doin' this, of course, is that then other ships will be hoverin' near the fight, waitin' to attack the winner. Could become a huge circular fight. It'd be great!
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