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Posted by Squidbeard at Sep 4, 2003 6:11:04 AM
First thoughts
Your idea about having extra commodities spawned out of sea battles would certainly encourage more PvP fighting; you're essentially making every ship a better target. I imagine this would make it nigh-impossible to get a ship to the first waypoint without being engaged!

On the economic side, you're just adding a step to the front end of the supply chain: goods are spawned near an island, instead of on an island. Thus, campers are split between those who pillage the goods and duck into the Market to unload them, and those who sit in port waiting for the pillagers to come in and sell. No earthshaking economic ramifications there, apart from the PvP encouragement. Though I'd hate to be that poor little elderberry, spawned out of a sloop battle, sold to the Market, bought by a Merchant, pillaged by a camper, returned to the Market, bought by a Merchant, pillaged by a camper, returned to the Market...

I know that you only lose 10% in a loss, but you just know there's going to be that one poor little weed or rock who never gets more than a league from the sea battle where it was spawned.

Of course, one still has the problem of crews taking commodities back to their shoppes at a loss or at cost, regardless of what a neutral Market may be offering.

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