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Posted by Gumptiongirl at Feb 2, 2009 10:28:06 PM
Re: February Frenzy
Day 3 - Shakin' Yer Booty! - as suggested by Kattles

This one tickled my fancy when I read it and the image popped into my head so easily i had to draw it ^_^ Many thanks Kattles!
<3 the pun

Forgot to ask, are you going to be flattered or incensed if people use these for avatars?
They have a lot of appeal and sort of come under the scope similar to the ones supplied by ypp ^__^ just general good piratey-ness!

ah here was my dilemma - when i was thinking this Frenzy up - i did think of what would happen if people wanted to use them as avatars, but every time, I would end up asking myself why people would want an avatar that doesn't look like their pirate/s

I am very much flattered that you think they have appeal though ^_^

if there are more people out there that want to use them,
I'd be pleased as punch (how punch gets to be so pleased I've no idea) but I'd want them to acknowledge me in their signatures (most people already do i know.. when using peoples art in avvies) so I suppose it would be alright,

another possible option: I might be willing to modify the pictures to pirates wanting to have them look like their own Pirates.. this might then end up with those people buying the rights to the pic. though..
any thoughts?

Surrptitious/ Slurppie - Cerulean

Feb Frenzy
Feb Frenzy 2.0

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