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Posted by merethif at Jan 28, 2009 11:22:15 AM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Merethif of Viridian

Type of publication item:
Horoscopes/Personal advice

Prize preference order:
1. The Prize Flapper Package
2. The Love Boat Package
3. The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package
4. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package
5. Other Deliciousness

Astrology tips for successful Valentine's Day

Even a novice navigator knows that there are five main stars shining on the firmament above our heads. Each of the star is a part of constellation named after one of the five familiars. But those stars are not merely the navigation tools! For scholars it is clear that each of the star have a great power over destiny and personality of the pirate born under it. We have asked one of the ocean wide authority on that arcane knowledge - dr Merethiffo - to give our readers a few Valentine's Day tips about each of the sign.

- Ippolito (Assigned element: wood)
Pirate born under the orange star is outgoing and expansive. He enjoys flocks of hearties and is always coming up with new ideas. Pillages run by Ippolito have a tendency to change into great sun deck parties. He likes to explore uncharted waters and sunken cities just for shear excitement and fun of it - it is boredom that he fears most. His idealistic attitude and natural curiosity makes him a bit irresponsible but nevertheless charming folk.

Perfect love match: Ippolito would make an ideal and active couple with Octopus. Both of them are driven by extreme curiosity and enjoy traveling and exploring new places (without paying much attention to consequences).

Date of dreams: A week cruise on a Love Boat, packed with a lot of breath-taking attractions like Triketos rides, whirlwind surfing and crow nest bungee jumps.

Valentine's Day gift ideas: A deed for some funny renamed ship, painted in vivid colors. With such vessel his pillages/parties would be even more unforgettable.

- Parrot (Assigned element: fire)
Pirate born under the red star is passionate, creative and loves a good laugh. The flame of inspiration that is lighting up his soul makes him a perfect material for poet, muse and lover to remember. Equally skillful in dealing with more mundane form of fire - Parrot usually place high in all culinary contest. As a social pirate of taste he can be often spotted showing of new stylish outfit at the docks.

Perfect love match: Parrot and Ippolito makes a vivacious couple. They both enjoy social life and value passion over duty.

Date of dreams: Probably Parrot will invite you for a romantic dinner at his place. He sees himself as a culinary maestro so don't forget to praise every dish and dessert that will be served. Some enthusiastic comments about house decor are encouraged too.

Valentine's Day gift ideas: A new fancy outfit in bright and trendy colors or a new forum avatar made by one of those popular avatar artist is a good idea for a Parrot's gift. He will also appreciate a love ballade so you may try to write one if you feel skilled enough.

- Viper (Assigned element: earth)
Pirate born under the yellow star is reliable and hard-working. Driven by service and duty to others he wants to be part of a big, happy crew. He adores giving advices and fits for excellent executive officers and greeters as well as shoppe managers and merchants. Patient, caring and warm hearted - he will easily keep the jobbers happy on board while loading GF and clearly explain the subtleties of pirates world even to the most slow-witted greenies.

Perfect love match: Viper is the perfect support for Parrot's bursts of inspiration. They both long for harmony and beauty all around them. After all it's all about being happy, isn't it?

Date of dreams: A romantic dinner at the uninhabitable island. Only you and your beloved one... and maybe some foraging.

Valentine's Day gift ideas:
If you really wants to make your beloved Viper happy you should spend your poe on the finest wedding ring and engage (and believe me - grappling hook won't be needed this time).

- Monkey (Assigned element: metal)
Pirate born under the white star is ambitious and self-reliant. Rising to the top of crew hierarchy being one of his top priorities. This unyielding fighter delights deathly duels, sinking sea battles and elite pillages. Wide known for his rigidity and composure he is also one of the most efficient man at arms. But as much as he enjoys clash of steel he loves bang of gold coins. That's why he can be often spotted at poker tables or furnishing his luxury manor with the most fancy and exotic goods.

Perfect love match: As a born leader Monkey would enjoy having reliable Viper by her side. After all, every battle navigator needs a competent XO to take care of those pesky jobbers.

Date of dreams: Dinner for two in the most elite and elegant inn in the archipelago. Exotic food and the finest rum is a must. Some friendly duel before the dinner would be welcomed too.

Valentine's Day gift ideas: New sword is an option but you can try something more extraordinary - heart-shaped crate full of cannonballs not only will call forth Valentine Day romantic mood but also will come handy during next sinking flotilla.

- Octopus (Assigned element: water)
Pirate born under the blue star wants to know everything there is to know about anything. The more arcane and obscure this knowledge would be the better. This pirate of dark heart and gloomy soul is secretive and deceptive, but he can act in truly charming way if needed. Vargas the Wise has been one of the most famous pirates born under the blue star. The line between wisdom and madness is truly a thin one.

Perfect love match: There will be natural chemistry between Octopus and Monkey. Both of them are ambitious and will combine knowledge and guile with tenacity and fortune to achieve their goals (be it taking over the island, capturing the ancient riches of Atlantis or world domination).

Date of dreams: A soiree on the Cursed Island with a lot of romantic scenery, like spooky indigo candles, Halloween furniture and cultists' love chants all around.

Valentine's Day gift ideas: Books. Lot of them. You can try one of those new bestsellers like "My First Thrall. User Manual" or go for something more classic like "Skellies - facts and myths". If you feel romantic try "Secret Diary of Dr Frillypants" written in Ancient Atlantean.
My YPP astrology concept is loosely based on Chinese idea of five elements.
Merethif of Viridian Ocean
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