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Posted by poezmania at Jan 28, 2009 6:08:42 AM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Itspoez of viridian
Prize order as shown

Oh, my little pirate and thee peg leg.
My sword wishes t'were an ebbulient rose
When I see you my mind boils like an egg
I think of thee as the heavy wind blows
Have you always been so loyal and kind?
When I look at you I see my heart's mirror
My old left eye wishes it weren't blind
My trusty parrot jumps when you're near.
Thou art the treasure and I am the chest
Bottles of rum for the lady in white
And as you all know, forever we're blessed
We'll have some fun on this wonderous night
From this day on we'll no longer be two
All for one and one for all; I love you.

A Pirate Love Poem
If you cut sea's waves with scissors
You will find only water
And the relics of fhoenician ship
Where I once sat with many slaves.
The whip that struck my back was made in the shape of your hand,
And the voice that commanded row! row! was sharp as an ax
I wanted Love to wave like the skull on the black flag
Of a pirate ship.
Something quick, something torn right out of my body.~Henry Israeli

Rushing valentines
I rush store to store looking for the perfect gift
For the one I love
I go through aisle by aisle
Eliminating pile by pile
Gifts that won't express my love
Flowers? Chocolates? Too cliche
I need something to express my love
I find nothing
What do I do??
I can't come home empty-handed on valentines day
I walk in the house worried about our love
Then she says the words
I'll never forget
You brought the best gift of all
Coming home on this valentines day

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