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Posted by burrito at Sep 4, 2003 1:57:14 AM
Re: Ship upgrades and puzzle variations
mlk wrote: 

Chain Shot
Get two balls linked by a length of chain, which have to be loaded on the same side to use.
Does less carp/person damage, but slows the enemy ship down (by removing a move peace in the sea battle window).
Grap Shot
Increated person damage, no carp damage. Have to load more than one ball.

I like these ideas, somewhat, but I wouldn't want to change the current format of the gunning puzzle. I think a better idea would be to add new variations of the cannonball to the gunnery puzzle. For example, instead of just only having round, smooth cannonballs, there could be a different looking cannonball for the chain shot and a different looking cannonball for the grap shot.
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