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Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Story -
A tale of love on the high seas.

She stood silently at the docks and stared at the peaceful ocean. “Is there something better out there? “She thought but then sighed. “Probably not”.
“Bella! Get to work!” Miss Bright was calling at her. “Too bad her name doesn‘t match her personality,” Thought Bella to herself and walked to Miss Bright with a bucket of water.
“Good god child, would you have me wait all day for a glass of water?
“Sorry, Miss Bright,” Said Bella. She poured the water into a delicate glass and handed it to Miss Bright.
At that moment, Athelda, Miss Bright’s only daughter in a family with 6 sons, burst through the door, thoroughly out of breath.
“Mama,” she said. “You must come quickly! Zombies have been sighted sailing their cursed sloops to attack us and steal our treasures!”
Gathering her many skirts in her hands, Miss Bright sprinted as fast as her portly figure would allow her. She slammed into the front door, pushed it open and continues down to the docks, With Bella and Athelda close on her heels.
Sure enough, a large crowd had gathered around the docks of Acapulco Island to watch the zombies approach. Men were organising themselves into teams to fight the zombies and keep them from plundering the island. The ships came closer every minute of the time that passed. Sooner then anyone would have thought, the ships started shooting at the docks. Everyone rushed in panic. Bella lost the sight of Miss Bright and Athelda. She got frightened and ran to the woods before the Zombies would invade the docks. She ran as her fast as her skinny feet could carry her. All of the sudden she hit the ground. She rubbed her head and peered up. “I apologise, are you alright? “A stranger said with a worried sounding voice. “I‘ve been better, but thank you“. She answered and stood up. “Sorry about that, my name is Marcus. “ He said and smiled a quirky, crooked smile at her. “Bella. “ She answered. “You’re alone? “ He asked suspiciously. Bella wasn‘t sure if she could trust this charming stranger. “Depends. “. He smiled. “Sorry for being so mysterious and curious, we better keep going before we meet a zombie, lets go! “. She stood frozen for a while. “Should I trust him? “. Came up in her mind. There was no time for a tea break, so she went for it and ran after him into the woods...
They stopped to catch their breath. Bella looked at Marcus. He was handsome with brown hair that went in his eyes and a smile that could break even the most cold hearted person. His eyes caught most of her attention though. Those deep blue eyes made her feel safe and not as alone like she had felt quite a lot when she had worked for Miss Bright.
“Run Bella! RUN! “She heard Marcus shout loudly. She started running but slipped on a stone and fell to the ground. The last thing she heard was Marcus shouting her name.
A mouse ran over the floor. Bella rubbed her head and sighed. “What is this place? “ She thought and coughed from the bad smell. She looked around and saw another girl lying on the floor. Crying. “Excuse me, but are you okay? “ Bella whispered. The girl looked up and obviously didn‘t know if the question was pointed at her. “Who, me? “ She said with a hicking voice. “They took my sister away from me, and I was supposed to take care of her“. She said and started crying again. Bella crawled to her and hugged her. “Why don‘t I cry over losing Miss Bright and Athelda? “ Bella thought to herself while she dried the girl’s tears away gently. “What‘s your name honey? “ Bella asked, hoping to stop her crying. “My name is Rebecca, but everyone call me Becky“Answered Becky with a soft voice. She was breathing slower then before and fell asleep in Bella‘s arms. That‘s when Bella figured.. Where was Marcus? She didn‘t have much time to think cause all of the sudden a Zombie opened the door and rushed in. Bella had no time to scream; the Zombie took her arm and dragged her out in the open air...
Bella was blinded by the sun. She covered her eyes with her hands and noticed they were all red of pure blood. “I must have fallen pretty badly“She thought and dropped her hands. The vessel was a frightening side. The black sails blew in the wind and Bella was captured for a moment. All of the sudden someone grabbed her hand. Bella shocked and was about to wave her hand at the person when she came to her senses. “MARCUS! “ She almost shouted and hugged him relived. “I thought I had lost you. “ She said with sobbing sounds. Marcus smiled and hugged her deeply.
Those days they stayed on the vessel they slaved. They cooked, cleaned and worked every hour of the day and then they were behind bars below vessel. They ate old bread and drank dirty water. “And I complained working for Miss Bright“Bella thought and sighed deeply.
She hadn’t seen Becky for weeks; the girl worked in a different part of the ship. She worked slaved at a different part of the vessel then Bella and Marcus did. Bella was worried about her. She looked scared and sad.
Finally, after weeks of slavery an island was in sight. Bella stared at the island and was captured for a moment and she felt hopeful until Marcus grabbed her arm and whispered, “We have to get out of here Bella, If we step a foot on that island, we‘ll never get off it. “. Bella answered with a worried tone “But where? “. Marcus had no time to answer. A shoot from another ship hit the vessel and they ran below deck. “This is our chance Bella, we have to swim to the other ship when possible, this battle could stand for hours“. Bella looked at him suspiciously and said, “How do you know all this? “. Marcus froze. Then he looked at her with his capturing blue eyes and said with a bitter voice, “My father is a prisoner there... “.
They ran to the upper deck and hid. “I have to find Becky! “ Said Bella. “Go find her but be careful“. Bella found Becky hiding under the stairs to the highest deck with her head in her lap. “Hurry Becky, we‘re getting out of here, now! “ Said Bella and pulled Becky from under the stairs. “We have to find Helen, My sister! “ Cried Becky and hit her face in her palms. They started looking for Helen; she was hiding in the row boat. They got to her and pulled her out. Becky hugged her tight and took her hand.
They ran to where Marcus had been waiting for them and together they jumped off the ship.
Bella struggled to keep floating and noticed that Becky was sinking and took her waist and helped her up to the surface. Suddenly, a bang echoed across the water and Bella felt a sharp pain in her foot. She started sinking herself. Marcus grabbed her and pulled her to the other ship. They climbed up the rope ladder on the side of the ship.
Captain Cleaver says, "Avast! It seems we ha'e a couple o' stowaways!" Marcus gives Cleaver his secret supply of money as barter for safe passage back to Acapulco Island. Cleaver smiles prickly and says, "Arr, welcome aboard the Charlotte mates! “
A few weeks went by like a storm to Bella. She felt so happy and confident about the future. She smiled sweetly while she stared at the sea. All of the sudden she felt two hands over her eyes and someone said "Guess who? “ She smiled and turned around. But before she could say anything she felt his lips to hers and she felt endless happiness inside. Then she whispered in his ear, "I love you". He smiled his crooked smile and said, "I‘ve always loved you".
"Land ahoy! “ Bella turned around and saw her dear home island. She looked at Marcus and he gave her one of his cheekiest smiles.
She closed her eyes to smell the fresh salty air and leant her head on his chest. What an adventure.
The end.

The Prize Flapper Package
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package
The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package
The Love Boat Package
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Prizes to either Mortal or Dagnabbit on the Hunter ocean.
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