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Posted by Zika7 at Jan 23, 2009 1:07:19 PM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Name: Wish
Ocean: Hunter
Type of publication item: POEM! :D
The Prize Flapper Package
The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package
The Love Boat Package
Other Deliciousness

My saviour

Looking in his eyes, oh so blue.
What do I say what do I do?
Shall I smile, and let him walk?
Or should I take the risk, and talk?

Now he has his girl by his side,
I feel like it, like I've died.
I hope she walks off, I don't want to see,
What will happen, what will be.

Now she's gone, we're all alone.
Shall I move in, when he's off the phone?
A hug, a kiss, or something more.
I'm biting my nails, right to the core.

Now he's staring, say something quick,
Oh my darling, my darling Nick.
Why can't I tell him, why won't it come out,
I'm going to do it, just let it shout.

He's closing the door, I need to act!
I love him so, that's a fact.
I'm moving in, I thought it through,
That's it, that's what I'm going to do.

Now it's over, he's staring, so blank,
Did he think of me, as a skank?
He's crying now, what have I done?
I done it wrong, I'm going to run.

Maybe some boy, will love me one day,
I thought of this, as I lay.
Hard ground, oh well, that's life,
My back in pain, I've been stabbed by a knife.

Wait, a boy, come for me?
Oh how much I'm filled with glee!
Now few years on, we're engaged, nearly wed,
Now I'm glad I'm not dead.

A lesson on life, never give up,
Don't just run home, and cuddle to pup.
You'll find him, some day you you will,
You'll know, when you get that chill.
"The mystery of who I am will never be revealed!" on Hunter Ocean.

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