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Posted by Gary789 at Jan 21, 2009 8:42:33 AM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Attract, Hunter Ocean.
As mentioned in Post.

Love Can Happen

The dock was empty that evening. Even as the sun degraded into the smallest light and appeared to sink gracefully into the sea. The breeze blew by and caught his hair. His hair danced gracefully in the evening breeze. He sat in a lazed position staring into the distant space slightly above the sea as night began to fall. As he stared he grinned because he knew. He knew that out there, somewhere, was someone who cared. Cared for him. Accepted him for who he was. Loved him, even.
He sighed as he stared and sluggishly rose to his feet. And wandered down in the dark. Alone.

He crossed the green grass which was camoflauged by the darkness of the night. He crossed the grass. Alone. He opened his door and entered into the light bursting out into the night alone. He lay on the sofa and watched T.v. Alone. He sighed and wished there was someone with him. To hold. To cuddle.

He stared into space and daydreamed of this fantasy untill he dozed off. He had many dreams of the perfect girl. She had shoulder length light brown hair danced in his hands as he stroked it. He almost felt the feeling in his hands. Her hazel eyes stared at him full of mystery. Who was she?

He reached out to hug her and as he closed his arms around her she disappeared and he woke on his sofa. Alone. He wandered around the city square and was pushed around by a crowd of people pushing this way and that, desperate to reach their destination. They were like huge tractors plpughing their way through. Thats when he caught a glimpse of her passing by.

He picked up speed towards her. He shoved and pushed and ploughed his way through untill he became within reach of her. He laid his hand on her shoulder and she turned. She smiled at him and she smiled back as if she somehow already knew him. And as if they did, they held hands immediately and walked down together. They were both united and walked away into the distance. Together forever in spirit and soul.

The End.
Attract on Hunter.

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