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Posted by plopgeit at Jan 21, 2009 6:55:44 AM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Pirate name and ocean: Enteraname of Sage

Type of publication item: Product review

Prize preference order:
The Prize Flapper Package
The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package
The Love Boat Package
Other Deliciousness

Product review

As in every edition we're going to review a product. This week we're going to do that on a special way. We're going to do a test to see whether the product works or not. This weekly's review will be a product fitting in the theme of Valentine's day: Rose goddess perfume.
This product promises female pirates to attract the best and richest male pirates.
But is this true? Or is it just nothing but lies? And does it really attract all of them in a range of 20 metres? We searched for a random female pirate to find out.

The test:

What is a better place to search for some rich and great pirates than the estates of Admiral island? We found one random female pirate, gave her the perfume and asked her to to spray some perfume around. Now, all we had to do was waiting for some male pirates to arrive and see what happens.

Only four minutes after our testing person sprayed the perfume two male pirates arrived. One atlantis addict followed by his karkinos wearing his blue with atlantean clothes, and the other, a poker addict wearing his gold with navy clothes, and being followed by his lucky charm: a golden cat. This is going to be the moment of truth. Does the product work as promised? We're about to find out!

Yes, it's true! Only 2 minutes after they arrived, they smelled the perfume, and got immediately attracted to the female pirate with the perfume. Both pirates even followed her to the Villas of Admiral island. The atlantis addict asked her to go along with him on an atlantis journey, while the poker addict asked her to play a friendly game of poker with him. Rumors now go around that our testing person has been spotted multiple times on several atlantis journeys and 20K-200K poker tables!

How to get this fantastic product?

That's very easy. All you need is a ship and a sword or a bludgeon. Set sail and make sure you intercept a Brigand King called "The Widow Queen". Stab her a few times with your sword, or give her some punches in the face with your bludgeon and then, maybe with some luck you'll receive your very own Rose Goddess Perfume. Perfect to give as a gift for Valentine if you're a male to your girlfriend (But watch out that she doesn't get an other one.)
Or even better to keep as a female!


Our testing panel has given this product a rating of **** stars, which means that this is an awesome product!! If you want to give your valentine a great gift, you should definitely get her an own rose goddess perfume.


The rose goddess perfume definitely is a good gift to give to your valentine.
For this review, we have put all the advantages and disadvantages underneath.

-It really works!
-You won't smell anymore
-It hasn't been tested on animals

- For the males: Watch your girlfriend!
- Not only the rich and best pirates will be attracted, greenies will also be attracted by the smell of the perfume.

Edit 1: The screen shots didn't work, and I had to fix some of my grammar
Edit 2: Some question marks sneaked in, and I fixed the quality of the third screen shot
Edit 3: I fixed some last things, let's hope that this was my final edit

Enteraname of Sage.
Senior Officer of Poseidon's Tricorne.
Avatar made by Cattrin.
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